Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Kamael Classes

Oι Κamael δεν μπορούνε να κάνουνε sub με κάποια άλλη φυλή, μπορούνε μόνο με kamael classes.
Αντιστοίχως και οι άλλες φυλές, δεν μπορούνε να έχουνε sub kamael.


Male Kamael
STR 39, DEX 30, CON 44, INT 20, WIT 10, MEN 27

Female Kamael
STR 39, DEX 35, CON 29, INT 29, WIT 11, MEN 27

Specialize in high physical attack abilities, uses two handed sword as a main weapon, and has ability to charge toward enemies quickly. (You can think of this class as Orc's Destroyer, but surpasses Destroyer's battle ability.)

*Storm Assault - Attacks target and area by charging into them.
*Disarm - Disarms targets' weapon (Disarmed weapon goes into inventory.)

Berserker using Storm Assault


Specialize in long range attack abilities, uses Cross bow as main weapon
and has ability to use trap skills against opponents.has various shooting skills and installs traps underground and has unique combat styles

*Decoy – Prevents getting attacked directly by summoning a clone of herself.
*Trap Skill – there will be many different types of trap skills but was only mentioned “slow” “lose target” “poison”
*Bionic Boom – Plants a boom within the target, it blows up the target including the surrounding area

Arbalester setting a trap

Arbalester with a Bow Gun


Soul Breaker:
Specializes in high magic battle abilities but also has decent physical battle abilities; Magic Swordsman. Uses rapier as weapon and can also have mage weapon on the other hand.

*Blink – Has ability to teleport him/herself within the area.
*Reaction of Divinity – Depending on opponent’s number of buffs/debuffs this magic attack’s damage varies.
*Steal Divinity – allows you to steal buffs/debuffs from the opponent. (from what the guy says you can steal all the opponent buffs.)
*Triple Pierce – Using rapier pierces the opponent 3 times.

Soul Breaker with Rapier

Uses rapier as main weapon, instantly increases party member's ability and heals their own race.

*Blood Fury - instantly increases party member's run speed.
*Blood Might - instantly increases party member's PAtk.
*Heal - recovers the target continuously.


*Storm Assault - charges into the target and attack enemies around the target.
*Blade Rush - charging skill using blade. gives bleed attacks all enemies along path of charges.
*True Berserker - increases his PAtk. and decreases his PDef.
*Aerial Taunt - pulls aggressions in front of enemies instantly.
*Viarant Temper - roars in front of enemies and make them freeze and decreases their abalities.
*Courage - increases his resistant to mental attacks.
*Contasion - gives more damage to the target who is bleeding.
*Enuma Erishue - Swing the ancient sword and emit the great force of sword.


*Triple Pierce - stabs 3 times with rapier.
*Death Mark - seals stamp of darkness to the target.
*Soul Emission - emits soul and attack in front of enemies.
*Reaction of Divinity - gives various damage of magical attacks to the target depends on how many he has buff/debuff.
*Steal Divinity - steals the target's buff/debuff.
*Blink - teleports as soon as casting
*Checkmate - gives blow attack to the target who has Death Mark.
*Reopault - using his all magical forces, summons Reopault's cannon and shoots.


*Decoy - creates his mirror image and let it take damages instead of him.
*Rise Shot - arrow that was shotted to ground rise from ground and attack the enemy.
*Wound Shot - using special bolts, makes the target bleed. ranged skill
*Deadly Roulet - tries the final gamble in fatal situations. Instant Kill is possible.
*Trap - installs various kinds of trap that give enemies debuff such as poison, slow, target removal or binding.
*Bionic Boom - implant bionic bomb inside the body of enemy. after certain amount of time, gives aoe attacks and explodes.
*Real Target - gives more damages of bow and bowgun to the target.
*Shift Target - gives his hate to another party member.

*Blood Fury - instantly increases party member's run speed.
*Blood Might - instantly increases party member's PAtk.
*Heal - recovers the target continuously.