Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Kamael Skills

Τα νεα Skills που θα εχουν οι Kamael ειναι:

Fallen Attack (lvl9): attacks the target with strong force. only can use with sword/blunt equipment. overhit is possible.MP consumption: 19MP ,Range: 40 ,Power:56

Dark Strike (lvl15): attacks the target using soul. only can use with sword/blunt/ancient sword equipment. overhit is possible.MP consumption: 37MP ,Range: 40 ,Power:261

Double Trust (lvl9): quickly stabs twice. only can use with rapier.
MP consumption: 37MP ,Range: 40 ,Power:326

Rush (lvl1): charges toward the enemy.
MP consumption: 40MP ,Range: 400

Spread Wing (lvl25): by spreading wing, attack the rear enemy. overhit is possible.
MP consumption: 83MP ,Range: 40 ,Power:1827

Triple Trust (lvl37): quickly stabs three times. only can use with rapier.
MP consumption: 75MP ,Range: 40 ,Power:2283

Abyssal Blaze (lvl37): make a canon using soul and throw.
MP consumption: 75MP ,Range: 40 ,Power:2283

Transfer : Strenghtens fighting abilities; consumes own HP.
HP consumption: 20 HP

Flash artillery : Fires a flash at your enemy. Requires a Rapier.
might 5,479! MP consumption: 75 HP ,Range: 40

Armed Force (LvL4): Active Attack: Increased damage if the target has been marked with "Death Mark" .might 5,180! MP consumption: 40 HP ,Range: 40

Noise Bind (Lv1): Your opponent will be unable to use black magic.
MP consumption: 40MP ,Range: 400

Weapon exchange (Lv1): Make an even trade:
2 hand sword -- ancient sword / great sword ,1 hand sword -- rapier ,bow -- crossbow ,
MP consumption: 29MP

Magic Attacks:

Teleport (Lv1): Teleport instantaneously to your enemy.
MP consumption: 100MP

Arrow of Weakness: Fires arrows with additional dark power;
might 15! MP consumption: 15MP ,Range: 600

Dark Explosion (LvL4): Exploding soul of Fire. AoE Attack.
might 23. MP consumption: 47MP ,Range: 500

Shooting Soul (LvL30): Summons a soul which will attack your opponent.
might 108. MP consumption: 69MP ,Range: 700

Dark Flame (LvL26): Magic Attack (moving on the field). Using your soul to attack enemies in front of you. might 76 MP consumption: 103MP ,Range: 40

Anihilation Circle (LvL9): Hurt surrounding enemies with a huge detonation. (AoE)
might 108. MP consumption: 103MP ,Range: 500

Curse of Divinity (Lv5): The more buffs your enemy has the higher the damage you will do.
might 108. MP consumption: 69MP ,Range: 600

Steal Divinity (Lv5): Transfers buffs from your enemy to yourself.
MP consumption: 67MP ,Range: 600


Buff Skills:

Furious soul (Lv1): Absorb the strength of your enemy - increases his critical chance and critical damage. PDef and Evasion might reduce. MP consumption: 11MP ,Effect 1

Sword shield (Lv1): Increases your own Pdef while decreasing your run speed.
MP consumption: 16MP ,Effect 1

Soul of the hawk (Lv1): Increases your chance to evade magic attacks.
Something like Defense Aura probably ,MP consumption: 16MP ,Effect 1

Increase Power (Lv1): Increases your P.Atk (only during a special hour??)
Something like Attack Aura probably ,MP consumption: 25MP ,Effect 2

Soul to Empower (Lv1): Increases your M.Atk
MP consumption: 50MP ,Effect 2

Dark Weapon (Lv1): bestows dark attribute to physical attacks. can buff party members
MP consumption: 42MP ,Range: 400 ,Effect 2

Pride of Kamael (Lv1): Increases fighting abilities of a teammate but consumes 5 special stones. MP consumption: 44MP ,Range: 400

Shadow Bind (Lv1): Grabs enemy's shadow.
MP consumption: 30MP ,Range: 400


Debuff Skills:

Disarm (Lv1): You can disarm your opponent and he won't be able to use his weapon for a short time. MP consumption: 25MP ,Range: 40

Death Mark (Lv10): Marks the enemy with "Death Mark".
MP consumption: 35MP ,Range: 600

Surrender to Unholy (Lv18): Increases your resistance to water attacks BUT decreases your resistance to dark attacks. MP consumption: 35MP ,Range: 900


Toggle Skills:

Hard March (Lv1): Increases his run speed. consumes MP continuously. MP consumption: 5MP

Dark Blade (Lv1): bestows dark attack. MP consumption: 7MP

Dark Blade (Lv1): increases resistant to dark attack. MP consumption: 8MP


Passive Skills:

Soul Mastery (Lv23): absorbs soul.

Ancient Sword Mastery (Lv8): PAtk. increases when you are equipped with a "great sword" (two handed, kamael only).

Rapier Mastery (Lv45): PAtk. increases when you are equipped with a rapier

Strike Back (Lv1): Reflects the damage of melee physical attack skills

Abyssal Power (Lv1): Increases MAtk.

Special Ability Haste (Lv3): Increases PAtk. Increases the damage during PvP.

Guilty Body (Lv1): Active when your are equipped with light armors - Decreases the effect of healing magic.